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Affirm the program's volume isn't turned down or quieted. In programs like Chrome and Firefox, every tab can be quieted independently—right-click a tab to see its status. (The choice will say "Unmute tab" if at present hushed.)

In the event that you despite everything can't hear anything in this program, have a go at uninstalling and reinstalling it. Before doing as such, first back up any information as well as record how your settings are as of now arranged, as relevant.

To begin with, check to ensure Windows is utilizing the right gadget for speaker yield by tapping on the speaker symbol in the taskbar. (Now and then Windows 10 will change yield to an alternate gadget, unbeknownst to you.) At the head of the spring up window, you'll see the name of the speaker at present being used—e.g., Speakers (2-Anker PowerConf). Snap on that name to change to the correct gadget, if material. In the case of utilizing outer speakers, ensure they are fueled on.

Reboot your PC.

Check by means of the speaker symbol in the taskbar that the sound isn't quieted and is turned up.

Guarantee that the PC isn't quieted by means of equipment, for example, a committed quiet catch on you PC or console. Test by playing a melody.

Right-click the volume symbol and snap Open Volume Mixer. Guarantee that all choices are on and turned up.

Inside speakers still not taking a shot at your PC? Attachment earphones into the sound jack and test once more. On the off chance that the earphones work, evacuate them to keep investigating the inner speakers.

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