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1380 N. US Highway 1, Suite 201

Jupiter, Florida 33469
Phone: 561-748-2936

Von Langen, LLC specializes in missing heir search services. When you need to find a missing heir at law or you are concerned with locating missing beneficiaries our dedicated team of forensic genealogists and estate investigators conducts extensive missing heir searches to find missing heirs at law or find unknown heirs and locate missing beneficiaries across the United States and around the globe.

We offer you our long list of prominent clients who will attest to our expertise in forensic genealogy and our commitment to exceptional service, performing exhaustive heir research to identify unknown heirs, and locate missing heirs anywhere in the world. Our excellent reputation and long history of successful cases serve as proof of our unparalleled track record for locating missing heirs for a proper determination of heirship, notice to unknown heirs and unknown devisees, notice to missing heirs and search for missing devisees, action to quiet title to real property or quiet title suit (cloud on title), unknown heirs entitled to oil, gas, and mineral rights, and heir tracing for unclaimed estates or probate research, missing intestate heirs or unknown intestate heirs for the fiduciary responsible for inheritance distribution and to find missing beneficiaries or missing trust beneficiary location to account for every missing remainderman.

Von Langen’s findings prove heirship, or refute suspect claims put forth by an alleged heir or heir hunter (in many cases alleged heirs appear due to heir hunters). We possess extensive experience not only as heir finders or heir tracers, but also in preparation of forensic genealogical researcher affidavits as proof of heirship and for compliance with due diligence requirements, including compilation of documentary evidence as court admissible exhibits. You can trust our missing heir location services as we not only locate heirs, we provide you with verified heirship documentation.

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