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Contact: eddy moris

156-11 Aguilar Ave #7l, Flushing, NY 11367, United

Berkshire, New York 11354
Phone: 8009569042

Quicken to help you with your business so that you can keep track of the categories of your expenditures and your income so you can keep track between your personal and your business expenditures and keep them separate. Quicken Support Phone Number +1-800-956-9042.

I'm going to tell you how to set up a new account and then how to make deposits and how to write out checks so that you can follow the categories and then make a report if you go to the file menu actually when you load quicken it'll actually open up a window for setting up a new account but for today we're going to start with the file menu and go to new and click on new quicken account . Quicken Helpline Number.

This account is held and my particular one TD bank online baking so let me click next to checking account next are whether or not you want to connect with online banking or not I'm going to click no for this the statement ending date and the statement balance and there they've got your account so then you can actually make a deposit for your first one so to do a deposit you would go over here and you can click deposit and let's say you want to deposit $100 .

And then I'm going to show you up here that they already have listed in categories different income categories gross receipts bonuses Commission's contract income and what I call other income down here loans rental income all those so this particular one will be other income and then you hit enter and if you want to write a check the first check would be first check number 100 I'm going to write it to whomever let's say penmanship Emmylou and some of these check pays are already listed in there and the last one was written. Quicken Customer Service Phone Number +1-800-956-9042.

To me for 9501 so it's already automatically done let's say I'm going to write the check for $50.00 and let's eliminate this miscellaneous delete and say we're going to write it for a couple different things we'll do an office expense $25 a

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