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Contact: Chris Lusby

2860 Ward Blvd, Suite A

Wilson, North Carolina 27893
Phone: (910) 202-4704

When I was younger I would tell my Mom and Dad, “I want to be President of the United States”. They would always then ask “why?” and my answer was always the same -- “because I want to make a difference.” As I grew older the how may have changed several times, but the why never did. I always knew I was going to make an impact for others, and their lives. I now know how I am going to be that difference for others. I advocate with strength and commitment in the law for my clients. That is what public service means to me. I am privileged to help guide my clients to an answer and sometimes be the answer for my client and their family. To me, the strength of public service is helping make the tough decisions that support individuals.

During my college years at Radford University I saw a need among my fellow students. So I opened a business to help fill that need, and with that I opened my first Restaurant. I was successful at this business and felt accomplished that I created an option that became popular and helped other students. I continued down this path until I realized I had gotten away from what stirred me, my flame to help serve others. I told my wife I wanted to get back to that part of me and said I was going to the police academy. She supported my decision and I signed up for the police academy not knowing what kind of roller-coaster I was joining.

After nearly seven years of service and countless stories I could tell, just not in 500 words or less, I realized law enforcement was not where my journey was to end. My first several years as a policeman I participated in numerous community events. I helped with food drives, organized youth athletics, spoke at community meetings, and much more. My last two years in law enforcement I was a detective and I saw a deeper need and hurt within the community. This vision came about, in part, because I was now dealing directly with both victims and those charged with a crime. These interactions provided me wi

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