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Contact: Rodney M. Kernan

224 Forrest Ave

Cocoa, FL 32922
Phone: (321) 821-7675

Have you been charged with a criminal offense in Brevard County, Florida? If so, do not hesitate to contact a defense attorney from Kernan & Austin, LLC. After you have been arrested or charged, it is important that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible. You only have a short amount of time before you will be formally charged, which is why early involvement is essential in order to get the charges reduced or dropped. When a client decides to retain the representation of Kernan & Austin, LLC, the team will immediately begin examining every detail of the case, and analyzing each piece of evidence that lead to the arrest. This process includes reviewing witness statements, police reports, and lab evidence, as well as studying the procedures that were used in acquiring the evidence. The lawyers know that at times police officers can violate the rights of the accused in the process of making an arrest, which is why they are not afraid to challenge evidence. Whenever the team discovers that an inappropriate action may have taken place during the arrest, they will fight to have the evidence that was illegally gathered eliminated, which could have the whole case dismissed. When the team takes on a case, they commit themselves to protecting the rights of their clients in order to obtain the most favorable outcomes. The attorneys are prepared to represent clients facing criminal charges including assault, domestic violence, kidnapping, internet crimes, fraud, juvenile crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes, probation violation, DUI (driving under the influence) offenses, and more. With over 22 years of combined legal experience, the team is prepared to take on a variety of criminal cases, no matter how simple or complex the situation may seem. To find out more about the representation a Brevard County criminal defense attorney may be able to provide you with, contact Kernan & Austin, LLC.

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