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Contact: Emilio De Simone

2675 S. Abilene Street

Auror, CO 80014
Phone: 3034047492

DUI Law Firm Denver brings some of the most brilliant criminal defense minds to your case… pros who’ve seen it all, and who know how to attack the other side’s case on your behalf.

Seasoned attorneys like Trevor McFee and Dave Turner have distinctive expertise developed during their days in the Public Defender’s office. Together with Emilio De Simone, they have all the know-how the other side is depending on you NOT to have.

Many DUI cases never go to trial. The experts at DUI Law Firm Denver know how to do everything that can be done to get you the best possible outcome without having to appear in court.

But if the only way to get you that best outcome is to argue the case in court, DUI Law Firm Denver is not afraid to take your case to trial, where they’ll fight tenaciously to help you prevail. They do it all the time.

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